Friends and Partners

We would like to grab the opportunity to introduce you to our business partners and friends who are sharing our passion for watersports and were supporting us over the last few years. Thanks to all of you guys!


We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with bookinglayer. Our partner is providing us with a professional bookingsystem for our courses. With the new system we are able to make your stay even more enjoyable. Find out more about our new partner.


Our friends from Esmark are offering beautiful summer houses in the area of the Ringkøbing Fjord. Their friendly, helpful and professional team will provide you with anything you need. Check out their summer houses and enjoy your vacation!


Our friends from Lakor are creating surf clothing with unique prints which are influenced by the area. Furthermore they are designing our Westwind clothing collection. Check out their latest collection or visit us in our shop!

West Oz Kiteboarding

Our friends in Australia are located at the beautiful area of Safety Bay, Western Australia. The area is famous for the cross shore breezes, crystal clear waters and amazing wildlife. The kitesurfing spots are suitable for all levels. Contact our friends Jason and Sonya and find out more.

Mere om vejr

Hvide Sande

Monday 24 June - 2019

18-00 23°C 6.0 m/s ESE

Tuesday 25 June - 2019

00-06 19°C 7.4 m/s ESE
06-12 18°C 7.2 m/s SE
12-18 24°C 4.5 m/s ESE
18-00 27°C 3.9 m/s ESE

Wednesday 26 June - 2019

00-06 23°C 4.7 m/s ESE
06-12 17°C 5.2 m/s WSW
12-18 17°C 10.0 m/s NW
18-00 16°C 10.3 m/s NW

Thursday 27 June - 2019

00-06 14°C 10.8 m/s NW
08-14 14°C 10.1 m/s NW
14-20 14°C 11.2 m/s NW
20-02 14°C 9.6 m/s NW

Friday 28 June - 2019

02-08 14°C 10.5 m/s NW
08-14 14°C 10.6 m/s NW
14-20 15°C 10.0 m/s NW
20-02 14°C 8.6 m/s NW
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK