Webcams in HVIDE SANDE

Use our webcams and check out the surf conditions in Hvide Sande.


The camera, on the roof of Westwind shop, shows the area where the windsurfing school operates and also the waterskiing resort.

The fjord is a very popular place for beginners in windsurfing. This is close to Søndervig, a very famous and old tourist village with sandy beaches and many opportunities for visitors. There are hotels and bureaus rent out holiday apartments and houses. Many tourists enjoy the lovely views both on the fjord and to the seaside.


The camera, close to the entrance of the port, follows the construction of the new port site, the windmills from Vestas and a good surf spot south of the port. 

Hvide Sande is an important fishing port and many anglers' fish from the piers or go out with fishing boats.

There are many shops and facilities for tourist. There are hotels nearby and bureaus rent out holiday apartments and houses in this area. There are beautiful sandy beaches and many arrangements in the summer time for locals and tourists.

Mere om vejr

Hvide Sande

Monday 14 October - 2019

02-06 14°C 18.0 m/s SW
06-12 12°C 13.8 m/s WNW
12-18 12°C 3.9 m/s NNW
18-00 12°C 2.4 m/s ESE

Tuesday 15 October - 2019

00-06 11°C 7.8 m/s ESE
06-12 11°C 10.1 m/s ESE
12-18 14°C 6.6 m/s SE
18-00 15°C 5.7 m/s S

Wednesday 16 October - 2019

00-06 14°C 4.1 m/s WSW
06-12 12°C 3.6 m/s NNW
14-20 14°C 3.1 m/s WSW
20-02 13°C 9.2 m/s SSE

Thursday 17 October - 2019

02-08 14°C 9.1 m/s S
08-14 13°C 7.6 m/s SSE
14-20 13°C 8.5 m/s S
20-02 14°C 11.1 m/s S

Friday 18 October - 2019

02-08 14°C 5.4 m/s SSW
08-14 12°C 6.9 m/s SSE
14-20 13°C 8.4 m/s SSW
20-02 13°C 6.7 m/s SE
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK