Windsurfing Courses

Easy, fun and great excercise! Learn windsurfing in the shallow waters of the Ringkøbing Fjord, right in front of West Wind North Surf Center.
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Preliminary exercises on land prepare you for the water
Fun for the entire family
We offer beginner and improver windsurfing courses
The Beginner Course includes 3 lessons of 3 hours. From that you have 1 hour theory.

Intro course

(3 hours - 1 day)
If you want to try out windsurfing you will start with an introduction course. This course is the first 3 hours of the beginner course. If you want to continue onto the beginner course, we balance out the price. Westwind supply the equipment and wetsuit for the course, please bring a towel, swimwear and footwear for the water.
DKK 400,- Book here

Beginner course

(9 hours – 3 days)

Et kursus varer 3 x 3 timer, hvoraf cirka 1 time bruges til teori, søvejsregler og sikkerhed. Vi garanterer at du kan windsurfe efter dette kursus. Westwind stiller udstyr og dragt til rådighed på kurset, du skal selv medbringe håndklæde, badetøj og fodtøj.


Improver course

(6 hours – 2 days)

We start where the beginner course ends.  You'll learn how to turn and tack into the wind and sail upwind. You will be introduced to the beach start and maybe sailing with a harness. Westwind supply equipment and the wetsuit for the course, please bring towel, swimwear and footwear for the water.

DKK 700,- Book here

Private hour

Do you need to get your technique fine-tuned or do you want to get instructions for your first jibe, water start or for your first few meters in the foot straps then this course is for you.
One to one teaching performed by VDWS or DBO educated instructors.
The lesson takes place in the shallow water in front of Westwind Hvide Sande north at Ringkøbing fjord.
The equipment is not included in the course and can be rented separately.


Find rental prices here



(Time period 1/4–15/9 )
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Per week we have 3 courses starting.

Course period 1 Course period 2 Course period 3

Please choose between your Sunday, Monday or Wednesday course.
The Introduction course will be hold on the first day of the Beginner course.
The Beginner course is starting three times a week.
The Improver Course will be hold on the 2nd and 3rd day of the Beginner course.

Mere om vejr

Hvide Sande

Saturday 25 November - 2017

01-06 6°C 8.2 m/s WSW
06-12 7°C 8.9 m/s SW
12-18 6°C 8.9 m/s SW
18-00 6°C 7.5 m/s WSW

Sunday 26 November - 2017

00-06 6°C 10.0 m/s WSW
06-12 7°C 11.6 m/s W
12-18 7°C 10.2 m/s WNW
18-00 8°C 14.2 m/s WNW

Monday 27 November - 2017

00-06 7°C 14.5 m/s WNW
06-12 7°C 10.0 m/s W
12-18 5°C 7.5 m/s SE
19-01 8°C 3.2 m/s W

Tuesday 28 November - 2017

01-07 5°C 2.9 m/s NNE
07-13 7°C 3.2 m/s W
13-19 6°C 2.7 m/s NE
19-01 5°C 5.2 m/s NNE

Wednesday 29 November - 2017

01-07 5°C 3.1 m/s E
07-13 5°C 6.1 m/s E
13-19 5°C 6.5 m/s NNE
19-01 5°C 7.1 m/s NNE
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK