Visit Westwind Nord in Hvide Sande


18.-19. APRIL 2020

The tour starts on April 18-19, with a big bang when the successful event, Fjord X-ing, will be the frame for the first stop (a Grand Slam) on the Eurotour 2020. In other words, we will probably see some of the world’s best athletes compete in Danish waters, combined with a stop on the Danish SUP tour where everyone can join.

Due to the euro tour, this event will be a 2-day event, which we hope many of you will support. The event will have its own independent page, which will be available here on the site.

For more information, go to:


24. May 2020 & 19. July 2020

Try out the 2020 kite and board program from DUOTONE DK. Depending on the direction of the wind the testival will be hold at our station Westwind Nord, Gytjevej 15, 6960 Hvide Sande or the Surf Cafe, Tungevej 8, 6960 Hvide Sande.


4.-6. SEPTEMBER 2020

WATERZ is a showcase to the world of the magnificent and unique nature, where Scandinavias biggest water sports festival will take place – lots of activities and competitions for everyone. Hvide Sande is the hot spot for the world’s elite, and a wide range of water sports contestants who will give the audience an extraordinary experience. The program contains a stop at the PWA World Tour and many other events on the water.

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7.-12. SEPTEMBER 2020

The roaring 20’s are here and The GKA Kite World Tour has a spectacular year ahead planned for both the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup and the GKA Freestyle World Cup. With 16 events currently in the pipeline across two disciplines (Kite-Surf and Freestyle).

For more information, go to: GKA Kite World Tour


20.-27. SEPTEMBER 2020

You´re passionate about Kiteboarding, open minded and love working with other people? You are rather outside on the beach than inside an office and flexibility is one of your great strengths? 

Well than, becoming a Kiteboarding Instructor might just be the right thing for you! Joining one of our Kitesurfing Instructor courses will be your chance to turn your passion for Kiteboarding into a profession!

For more information, go to: VDWS Instructor Seminar.

Mere om vejr

Hvide Sande

Saturday 31 October - 2020

18-00 13°C 10.3 m/s SSE

Sunday 1 November - 2020

00-06 12°C 12.9 m/s S
06-12 12°C 7.7 m/s SSW
12-18 12°C 13.1 m/s SSW
18-00 12°C 15.7 m/s S

Monday 2 November - 2020

00-06 13°C 13.1 m/s SSW
06-12 13°C 16.6 m/s SSW
12-18 14°C 19.6 m/s SSW
18-00 12°C 18.4 m/s WSW

Tuesday 3 November - 2020

01-07 12°C 16.0 m/s WSW
07-13 10°C 11.8 m/s WSW
13-19 10°C 9.7 m/s WSW
19-01 9°C 9.2 m/s WSW

Wednesday 4 November - 2020

01-07 9°C 7.7 m/s S
07-13 9°C 6.1 m/s W
13-19 10°C 6.3 m/s W
19-01 10°C 6.5 m/s W
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK