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The Foil Wing is the newest trend in the water sport world. It is a mix between Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sup & Surf. The wing is very intuitive and a fun way to enjoy water sports.

Try it out and be amazed by the freedom and the surf feeling in flatwater or in the waves.

At our station Westwind Nord in Hvide Sande you can rent (check out the prices) your foil wing. You will find wings from Duotone and Takuma.


We are delighted to announce our new partnership with C-Skins. C-Skins is a wetsuit company, inspired by the restless spirit of the sea. Everything they do is about getting you out there to experience it. Their ethos combines passion with innovation; their products are crafted from cutting-edge technology and relentless creativity. They are constantly pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials so that you can push your own limits in the water. When you're wearing c-skins you know that you've got 45 years of commitment out there with you.

Visit our shop in Hivde Sande and check out the latest wetsuits from C-Skins.

For more information, go to: C-SKINS.


Fly above the water with Takuma! In the last couple of years, foiling opened a new era and vision of water sports. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, TAKUMA CONCEPT has become a real innovative brand known as the first Europe SUP & Hybrid foil brand. Our objective now is to give as many people as possible opportunities to discover such an incredible feeling of flying...

Visit our shop in Hivde Sande and check out the latest foils from Takuma Concept.

For more information, go to: Takuma Concept.

Mere om vejr

Hvide Sande

Saturday 31 October - 2020

17-18 12°C 9.4 m/s SSE
18-00 12°C 9.7 m/s SSE

Sunday 1 November - 2020

00-06 12°C 13.7 m/s S
06-12 12°C 9.3 m/s SW
12-18 12°C 12.7 m/s S
18-00 13°C 11.8 m/s SW

Monday 2 November - 2020

00-06 12°C 11.4 m/s SSW
06-12 13°C 17.7 m/s SSW
12-18 14°C 20.2 m/s SSW
19-01 12°C 18.0 m/s WSW

Tuesday 3 November - 2020

01-07 11°C 13.3 m/s SW
07-13 10°C 11.8 m/s WSW
13-19 10°C 9.7 m/s WSW
19-01 9°C 9.2 m/s WSW

Wednesday 4 November - 2020

01-07 9°C 7.7 m/s S
07-13 9°C 6.1 m/s W
13-19 10°C 6.3 m/s W
19-01 10°C 6.5 m/s W
Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK